Fly Tying Kit: Popsicle Flies
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Fly Tying Kit: Popsicle Flies

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Includes everything you need to get started tying Popsicle flies!

  • Salmon Hooks - Orvis Size 2
  • Thread - Pink Veevus 140
  • Flashabou - Pearl
  • Mylar Tinsel _Gold
  • Marabou Plumes - Orange, Purple, and Red 

This tying kit is meant to be used in conjunction with the online or in-person tying class with Brittney Booton on June 24th, but comes with plenty of materials to tie on your own as well. Click here to add the class to your cart as well! You'll still need a vise and fly tying tools (bobbin, bodkin, scissors, whip finish tool, head cement) to get started. Don't have tools? Grab those here, too!