Fly Fishing Spots for Persons With Disabilities

All to often we forget that many people who experience a disability also love to flyfish. They may not, however, have the same capability to stand on the bank or wade that others do. Or, their casting ability may be limited. Regardless of these limitations, more opportunities to flyfish are available than many realize. Here's some suggestions on how to locate spots where people who experience a disability can flyfish.

First and foremost, governmental agencies now make a significant effort to develop locations where flyfishing for people with disabilities is possible.

With that in mind contact:


  • Your state's 1) fish and game; 2) natural resources; or 3) parks and recreation department. They may have listings of parks, lakes, or campgrounds with accessible docks, trails, or wheelchair parks. Visit their offices or contact them via the internet and be sure to ask about any special permits for people with disabilities;
  • The National Park Service headquarters in your area. They have information about parks with accessible fishing spots. Visit their offices or contact them on line at From there you can inquire about your state's offerings.
  • The Forest Service cabin reservation system. Visit for information about cabins all over the United States that are handicap accessible.

Also contact:

  • Your local non-profit organizations that provide support and services to people who experience a disability. They often provide recreation programs. If they don't include fishing, see if you can help them get something started.
  • Local fishing or flyfishing clubs or local chapters of Trout Unlimited or The Federation of Fly Fishers. TU and FFF can both be contacted online to find chapters in your area.