Fly-Fishing for Alaska's Arctic Grayling Sailfish of the North
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Fly-Fishing for Alaska's Arctic Grayling Sailfish of the North

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The very first complete book ever written on Alaska's Arctic Grayling, will provide you with:

  • Details on the grayling's life cycle, habitat, and feeding behavior;
  • Skills and techniques to successfully fish for grayling with a fly rod;
  • Where Alaska grayling can be found;
  • Dry flies, nymphs, and streamers that can make you a successful grayling angler;
  • Some of the most exceptional photographs ever seen of this spectacularly beautiful fish and its unique Alaska environment.

*Join us for grayling fishing in Alaska this summer and experience these amazing and beautiful fish for yourself!

Grayling trips include Nome and Lake Clark in July and Denali Highway/Tangle Lakes Grayling Safari in August.


"Pudge Kleinkauf has invested 30 years into grayling experiences and is an acknowledged expert at teaching grayling fishing with a fly rod. Her appreciation for this sailfish of the north, the fish with a scent that sniffs of Thyme (hence the Latin identity) flows like an addictive validation and by the end of the book she makes convincing argument that grayling are worthy of attention and appreciation.

The 184-colorful pages detail grayling life cycle, habitat and feeding behavior, describe in detail seasonal flowing and stillwater fly fishing techniques and presentations, reveals the best of Alaska grayling areas, explains and illustrates the flies that successful anglers rely upon and includes a section of maps that divide the state into drainages that I found useful as a general reference to locating Alaskan rivers. Tyers will appreciate the 14 pages of illustrated patterns and recipes covering the Grayling spread from dries to emergers, nymphs to streamers and eggs to smolts.

I was drawn into her words and explanation by the exceptional photography of Michael DeYoung. I swear the man could look through his lens and transform a fuzzy spawned out pink salmon into art. His contributions triple the value of this book coming in so far above average that the photography sometimes distracts from the author’s words and information, which are of equal if not superior value to working fishermen. While it may seem trite or cliché’, I’ll run the risk and say that DeYoung’s photo work is some of the most appropriate and spectacular book illustrations I’ve seen in a good while."

Terry W. SheelyNorthwest Fly FishingSept/Oct 2011

"Regular readers of Fish Alaska Magazine will recognize Pudge’s name¸ of course, and probably have little trouble tying that name to grayling, as she’s written considerably in these pages about the species, its habits and haunts, over the past ten years. Now all that wisdom, all that passion and purpose have been put together in book form, and the result is stunning…"

"The information is presented in a concise, easy-to-digest manner that will be helpful to both beginner and expert."

"This book is gorgeously illustrated by the photography of Michael DeYoung. (His) perspective provides an invaluable visual guide to the state and its grayling.” (It’s) a winning combination."

Troy Letherman

The prestigious Journal of the International Grayling Society has just praised "Fly Fishing for Alaska's Arctic Grayling: Sailfish of the North" by Cecilia "Pudge" Kleinkauf as " excellent addition to any grayling aficionado's library."  It also praises Michael DeYoung's photos which capture "…the fine details of the splendid fish, which the Arctic grayling surely is" as well as "…the many fine scenic nature shots which show Alaska in all its glory,” and recommends the book to those wishing to "…make your grayling library complete," or those "…planning a trip to that stunning part of the world." Visit their web site at

Fly Anglers on Line advises readers that "Cecilia Kleinkauf has given the Grayling enthusiast, and anyone that wishes to become one, everything that you need to know from where to go to find Grayling to how to catch them when you get there.  For those looking for a jump start on a grayling adventure in Alaska, this is the book. The editing and production are top notch and the photographs of the Arctic grayling and the Alaska countryside, flora, and fauna are spectacular" they say. See the complete review at

Another recent review from Beau Catcher says, "The writing is extremely well done, and the photographs are truly stunning. For those looking for a jump start on a grayling adventure in Alaska this is the book. The editing and production are top notch and the photographs of the Arctic grayling and the Alaska countryside, flora, and fauna are spectacular."

Mike Campbell of the Anchorage Daily News reviews Pudge's latest book "And Kleinkauf's piscatorial passion (for the grayling) need not take a back seat to the love sonnets of William Shakespeare."

"If you‘re planning an Alaska trip, or just dreaming of one, I can‘t recommend this book highly enough. Read it and I‘m sure you‘ll want to include some grayling fishing in your itinerary." Mary S. Kuss - Delaware Valley Women’s Fly Fishing Association

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