Trip Reports 2017

Silver Salmon Spectacular

2017 Orca Adventure Lodge Silver Salmon Spectacular

Our Silver Salmon Spectacular trip is always the last of our season and we hate to see the time for it arrive. Orca Adventure Lodge in Cordova, AK is our headquarters for this great outing and we can never get enough of it. We have to face the fact that when we head out to intercept the silvers, summer’s over, however. We arrive late in the afternoon of the first day to get organized and set up for our days of flying and boating out to target these amazing fish. We usually start by boating out into Prince William Sound...

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Tangle Lakes

2017 MacLaren Lodge Tangle Lakes

The weather was good and the fish were pretty cooperative when we arrived at MacLaren Lodge along the Denali Highway this summer. We’d started fishing at a creek a few miles north of the lodge where we usually have success with grayling while we got everyone together for the rest of the trip. Next day we headed out to one of the other creeks that can be reached only by boat to find more grayling just waiting for us. With a variety of dry flies, nymphs, and ants, it seemed like everyone hooked up right away. Just for the fun...

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All Rainbows-All the Time

2017 All Rainbows All The Time Copper On The Fly Lodge

The wonderful Copper on The Fly lodge at the outlet of the Little Copper Fly river where it meets Lake Iliamna was eagerly awaiting the seven of us as we arrived from Anchorage for some super rainbow trout fishing. We disembarked from the two float planes and then took the quick, rainy, trip from there over to the lodge and up the stairway to our home for the next five days. We got assigned to our cabins and quickly wadered-up for some great fishing before dinner. There were thousands of sockeye salmon still swimming in the water and accomplishing their...

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Adventure Denali

2017 Adventure Denali denali

Fall was on the hills, with it’s wonderful color when we arrived at Chavey Lakes for our late summer fly-fishing trip. The huge rainbows hung in the water below us as we launched the float tubes in the largest of the three lakes that we fish in this fly fishing paradise just twenty miles or so from Denali, the largest mountain in North America. The chill in the air let us know that the trip would be chilly, and we bundled up as much as possible. We rigged up for the big rainbows that lurk in this lovely little lake...

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Orca Adventure Lodge Fly Fishing School

2017 Fly Fishing School Orca Adventure Lodge

With participants from Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and Alaska The Women’s Flyfishing School in Cordova, AK for 2017 had a super group. As women’s increasing interest in fly fishing grows, our students were from several different states around the country this year. They will be fly fishing for fish like bass, and crappie, and other warm water species in addition to the fish they pursued while in AK. As it always does, our fly fishing school begins with a lesson in the basic overhead cast on a rocky beach in Cordova where a small stream absolutely teems with pink salmon. The...

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