Trip Reports 2016 — Orca Adventure Lodge

Silver Salmon Spectacular

2016 Orca Adventure Lodge Silver Salmon Spectacular

Once again the beautiful Prince William Sound and the town of Cordova made us welcome to enjoy the amazing phenomena of the returning silver salmon with our fly rods.  The team from Orca Adventure Lodge was ready and able to head out with us to put some fish in the box bright and early the first morning, and so were we.  We headed out to one of our favorite locations in the Sound because the weather was gorgeous and the tide was good for engineering a comfortable entrance to the river. We headed up the beach as soon as we...

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Off to Fly Fishing School in Cordova, AK

2016 Fly Fishing School Orca Adventure Lodge

The highlight of our summer is the Fly Fishing School we hold every year at Orca Adventure Lodge in Cordova, AK. It's one of my favorite locations, and its scenic beauty as well as its good fishing make for a perfect place to hold our school. This year our six students hailed from Oregon, California, and Iowa, in addition to both Fairbanks, and Anchorage in Alaska. They were all eager to get going and paid close attention to the introduction to the rods and reels they would be fishing with and the wading staffs that would keep them safe on...

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