Trip Reports 2016 — Adventure Denali

Another Adventure Denali Delight

2016 Adventure Denali Chavey Lake

Just when we thought that our Adventure Denali float tube trip couldn’t get any better, the fish showed us otherwise on our August trip this year. Fish of all sizes were incredibly cooperative as they took a variety of nymphs & streamers of all different sizes and colors. The fish in Chavey lake are getting used to us fishing amidst them in the tubes, I think, and I’m sure that they have realized that we are not going to kill them. They actually follow us as we paddle around the lake, looking like large, dark, shiny, torpedoes. Smaller Arctic grayling...

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Adventure Denali Float Tubing

2016 Adventure Denali Float Tubing

Sometimes it’s hard to describe a fly fishing trip that was absolutely “over the top,” but this year’s spring tubing at Adventure Denali, in the shadow of Mt McKinley, was just that! Beautiful weather and lots of BIG fish were the order of the day. The immense rainbow trout that this trip is known for were especially accommodating in taking our flies. Some of the large and small streamers that we always used worked well attracting the fish, but it was nymphs that took the prize—especially the Czech nymphs that I brought for us to try. I don’t know whether...

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