Trip Reports 2015

Single Day Fly Fishing, Montana Creek

2015 Montana Creek Single Day Fishing

All three days at Montana Creek this year boasted good weather, but then we had the plague of bugs to contend with. We prayed for a little breeze to help us fend them off as we fished for pink and chum salmon. In between swatting several types of bugs, we steadily got the pinks to grab our flies. For some reason, the chum salmon were a little more reluctant, but we got some of those as well. As we made our regular walk from the parking lodge to the river, we found ourselves in a different river than we’ve had...

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Orca Lodge Fly Fishing School

2015 Fly Fishing School Orca Adventure Lodge

The school bells were ringing as the shuttle from the airport dropped us off at Orca Adventure Lodge’s 2015 Fly Fishing School for women, but it was too late in the afternoon to do much fishing. So, we had a delectable dinner and then gathered for a quick lesson on gear and got everyone outfitted for the up-coming days. The first day of the school found us on “humpy” creek for our first casting lesson with the 8-wt fly rods. After practice of the overhead, roll, and side-arm cast, we got right down to business on the creek. It was...

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Notorious Nome

2015 Alaska Nowhere Like Nome

Everything went off like clock this year for the Nome trip. The flight from Anchorage was on time, our shuttle driver was there to pick us up as we got our bags, and the 75 mile drive to the river was filled with sittings of moose, ptarmigan, and two of the chicks from a peregrine falcon nest that had just fledged and were hopping around near their nest, which was hidden under a bridge. Tom was landing his sixth grayling at the boat launch just as we pulled in and we wasted no time in heading up river. Some hugs...

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Sockeye & Bows

2015 Copper On The Fly Lodge Sockeye and Bows

High winds greeted us at the airport as we prepared to board our flight to the village of Iliamna, and the scheduler informed us that we might not be able to get across the lake to the lodge if the winds were even stronger there. They finally deemed it safe enough for us to fly and we experienced a really bumpy ride. But, when we arrived in the village we were pleasantly surprised to find much less wind than expected. Lunch was on the table when we switched from the plane to the boat that took us to the lodge,...

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Adventure Denali Float Tubing

2015 Adventure Denali Float Tubing

Chavey Lake and its big rainbows lay lovely and calm when we arrived in the early afternoon. A few rise rings appeared as the small grayling pursued a hatch of very tiny mayflies.  It was hard not to just jump in for a swim with all of them. Instead we quickly unloaded the food into the fridge, pumped up the tubes, donned the waders, readied the rods and launched. Rebecca was an experienced tuber, but Karen was just learning how to navigate one. It only took a few minutes, however, and she was paddling like a pro. The fish-catching commenced...

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