Trip Reports 2015 — Orca Adventure Lodge

Silver Salmon Spectacular

2015 Orca Adventure Lodge Silver Salmon Spectacular

The first day of our trip this year was a slamming success. The sun was out, Prince William Sound was spectacularly beautiful, and the fish were definitely in the slough we fished. It was clear that the tide had brought in lots of fresh fish, just for us. There's just nothing like the entertainment that goes on in some of these resting spots that the fish frequent. Jumping fish are everywhere, both silver and pink salmon. In almost every shade of spawning colors, they leap straight up out of the water, catapult into the air, and splash down again everywhere...

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Orca Lodge Fly Fishing School

2015 Fly Fishing School Orca Adventure Lodge

The school bells were ringing as the shuttle from the airport dropped us off at Orca Adventure Lodge’s 2015 Fly Fishing School for women, but it was too late in the afternoon to do much fishing. So, we had a delectable dinner and then gathered for a quick lesson on gear and got everyone outfitted for the up-coming days. The first day of the school found us on “humpy” creek for our first casting lesson with the 8-wt fly rods. After practice of the overhead, roll, and side-arm cast, we got right down to business on the creek. It was...

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