Trip Reports 2015 — Float Tubing

Adventure Denali Float Tubing August

2015 Adventure Denali August Float Tubing

Our late August trip to the fabulous fishing at the catch and release float tube lake at Adventure Denali near Denali National Park was a real hoot! Everyone loves the float tubes, and Chavey Lake, and its two other companion lakes, are the perfect place for them. Whether the rainbows are large or small, everyone gets a big kick out of paddling around with a fish at the end of their fly line. Aimee, Joy, and Barbara all caught lots and lots of very large fish this trip. Barbara started us off our first day with one 20+ inch rainbow...

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Adventure Denali Float Tubing

2015 Adventure Denali Float Tubing

Chavey Lake and its big rainbows lay lovely and calm when we arrived in the early afternoon. A few rise rings appeared as the small grayling pursued a hatch of very tiny mayflies.  It was hard not to just jump in for a swim with all of them. Instead we quickly unloaded the food into the fridge, pumped up the tubes, donned the waders, readied the rods and launched. Rebecca was an experienced tuber, but Karen was just learning how to navigate one. It only took a few minutes, however, and she was paddling like a pro. The fish-catching commenced...

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Fantastic Float Tubing

2015 Alaska Float Tubing

The weather was perfect and so was the fly fishing on the lakes this spring. Everyone learned how to navigate in the float tubes, hooked and landed lots of rainbows, and had a great time. It was a perfect way for all of them to announce their first fish on a fly rod. The fish weren’t all large, but they sure were cooperative. We’d paddle around to different hot-spots where we could see large schools of fish for everyone to cast to. And they went at it with gusto. Besides hooking the fish, they all had to master the techniques...

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