Single Day Fly Fishing, Montana Creek

2015 Montana Creek Single Day Fishing

All three days at Montana Creek this year boasted good weather, but then we had the plague of bugs to contend with. We prayed for a little breeze to help us fend them off as we fished for pink and chum salmon. In between swatting several types of bugs, we steadily got the pinks to grab our flies. For some reason, the chum salmon were a little more reluctant, but we got some of those as well.

As we made our regular walk from the parking lodge to the river, we found ourselves in a different river than we’ve had in the past. As rivers do, this one chose to move over and re-construct a larger gravel bar, which, much to my dismay, did away with my two favorite fishing spots. We changed tactics a bit with some split-shot that enabled the flies to get down deeper to the fish that we could see moving up-river to spawn, and once we got the depth tuned in, we found the fish to be pretty cooperative.

The first day Jennifer landed a couple of really large chum salmon after a good fight with a great adversary. The pink salmon liked her flies as well. These single days are designed for women who are learning to hook, play and land a large fish on a fly rod. Of course, they had the usual difficulties such as not letting the fish run, or giving it slack so it got off, but slowly and surely they got the hang of it all, and began to relax and enjoy the day.

The second day Laura got crowned queen of the pinks because she just kept hooking and landing them. We tried out some different water in the afternoon in a great pool underneath the railroad trestle. This time she could almost always see her prey and really did well on improving her accuracy.

Day number three provided us with the joy of having one stretch of river to ourselves, and we took advantage of it. The pinks were a little less abundant that day, but we saw, and hooked chums and everyone got the feel of a really large fish even if they didn’t land them all.

Next year we’ll be doing our “single days” at Resurrection Creek in the little town of Hope down on the Kenai Peninsula. It’s always a blast there, so come on along.


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