Silver Salmon Spectacular

2015 Orca Adventure Lodge Silver Salmon Spectacular

The first day of our trip this year was a slamming success. The sun was out, Prince William Sound was spectacularly beautiful, and the fish were definitely in the slough we fished. It was clear that the tide had brought in lots of fresh fish, just for us. There's just nothing like the entertainment that goes on in some of these resting spots that the fish frequent. Jumping fish are everywhere, both silver and pink salmon. In almost every shade of spawning colors, they leap straight up out of the water, catapult into the air, and splash down again everywhere we looked. Thankfully, the pink salmon stayed out of the main part of the pool where the silvers congregated so we didn’t have to deal with many of them. Besides, I have some flies that don’t appeal to the pinks, but that the silvers absolutely love so we managed to connect mostly with the silvers.
It sometimes takes a while for everyone to perfect the trick to setting the hook firmly and letting the fish run rather than trying to just "horse them in" but it sure was a lot of fun to practice! Although we got some fish that were too colored-up to keep, everyone ended up with their 3-fish limit before the tide turned and we hiked back to the boat. 
We had seen some whales on the trip out, and now Carl, our boat driver, diverted the boat slightly so that we could, hopefully, spot them again. With our eyes peeled, we headed out into the Sound, and it wasn’t long until a small pod of whales made their appearance, spouting and rolling with their backs out of the water for us to marvel at. 
The next day was just as wonderful. We flew out into the Sound to one of its many islands and fished a small, tidally influenced river, with a lot of silvers hiding in the tannic water that made them absolutely invisible. What a blast. Once again it was limits for all, and some lovely cutthroat trout as well, that we carefully returned to the water.
The next day weather made it necessary to stay close to home at the Eyak River that runs just past town. A silty river, making it difficult to spot the ghost-gray fish with the big black tails, the Eyak was experiencing a good run this year and we put the pink and white Dolly Llama flies to good use. We added more fish to their stashes before heading home in the rain.
Our last day was the only slow fishing day, but we all had enough fish for our freezers already, so we weren't too disappointed. 
Come on up to fish the coho with us next year at Orca Adventure Lodge in Cordova, AK.

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