Trip Reports 2015

All Rainbows All the Time

2015 All Rainbows All The Time Copper On The Fly Lodge

Boo-Hoo!! I wrote this report while sitting inside the Copper on the Fly lodge at Lake Iliamna waiting to return to Anchorage. Unfortunately, our rainbow fishing trip was a dismal failure this year! The weather goddess decided NOT to be good to us, and sent rain and more rain, and even more rain after that to fill the river bank-to-bank with water that looked like chocolate milk or coffee with creamer. Needless to say, everything flooded almost right away and we were marooned at the lodge. We had fished the afternoon of our arrival, but the water was already high...

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Silver Salmon Spectacular

2015 Orca Adventure Lodge Silver Salmon Spectacular

The first day of our trip this year was a slamming success. The sun was out, Prince William Sound was spectacularly beautiful, and the fish were definitely in the slough we fished. It was clear that the tide had brought in lots of fresh fish, just for us. There's just nothing like the entertainment that goes on in some of these resting spots that the fish frequent. Jumping fish are everywhere, both silver and pink salmon. In almost every shade of spawning colors, they leap straight up out of the water, catapult into the air, and splash down again everywhere...

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Silvers on the Tal

2015 Silvers on the Tal Talstar River

Our return to Talstar this year was somewhat sad because we discovered a river that had changed significantly over the years we'd been gone. Hoping that its wonderful rainbows were still around, we headed right down to the water without too much delay to see if we could find them. Late in the season the bows are always eating salmon eggs, so we rigged up with a pink bead imitation and went to work. It wasn’t long before both Tanya, and her husband, Larry, who had arrived before other guests, had fish. They weren’t large, but they were still the...

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Adventure Denali Float Tubing August

2015 Adventure Denali August Float Tubing

Our late August trip to the fabulous fishing at the catch and release float tube lake at Adventure Denali near Denali National Park was a real hoot! Everyone loves the float tubes, and Chavey Lake, and its two other companion lakes, are the perfect place for them. Whether the rainbows are large or small, everyone gets a big kick out of paddling around with a fish at the end of their fly line. Aimee, Joy, and Barbara all caught lots and lots of very large fish this trip. Barbara started us off our first day with one 20+ inch rainbow...

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Terrific Tangle Lakes

2015 Denali Highway MacLaren Lodge Nadine & Jack’s Tangle River Inn Tangle Lakes

Some of our trips just keep getting better, better, and better, and the Tangle Lakes trip is one of them! It’s almost unbelievable to think that four people could each catch more than fifty fish a day, but at Tangle Lakes they can. The Arctic grayling in the streams there are absolutely incredible in many ways. They will eagerly grab dry flies, nymphs, small streamers, ants, and even small bass poppers, so if one type of fly stops working, we can just switch to another. This year we had a couple of guests from Canada join us along with a...

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