Trip Reports 2014

Orca Lodge Fly Fishing School

2014 Fly Fishing School Orca Adventure Lodge

Women from Wyoming, Washington D.C. Maryland, and Montana joined us for the school this year, and we had a great time getting them all transformed into fly fishers! We started right out with some basic information about all the gear, and then headed down to a beach-side location for the first of many casting lessons. Later in the day we sat down for our first knot-tying lesson so that they would be ready to repair their leaders the next day, should that become necessary. Nail knots and triple surgeons knots, as well as the basic clinch knot were the order...

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There Really Is No Place Like Nome!

2014 Grayling Nome Nowhere Like Nome

Rain, rain, rain, and rain is what we got until the very last morning of our trip to the Niukluk River near Nome, AK this year. We started the trip with a canceled flight, which made us scramble to get on a later flight, which screwed-up in getting out bags transferred from the first flight, which resulted in our sitting in a pizza parlor all after waiting for the final Anchorage/Nome flight, which was supposed to have our bags on it. Eventually we had everything, and then our shuttle driver picked us up and we finally headed for the river....

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2014 Lake Clark Adventure

On the edge of our seats in the small plane, we awaited our traverse of the famed Lake Clark Pass with cameras at the ready. Then, the low clouds and rain appeared, and hoped they wouldn't complete block our views. We got a mix of bumpy flying with overcast clouds hanging over the many glaciers and craggy mountains, but at least we got to see some of the scenery. We had to keep our hopes up for the return flight to see more. Like many places in Alaska this summer, rain was the order of the day. Nevertheless, we pulled...

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Adventure Denali Float Tubing

2014 Adventure Denali Float Tubing

The float tubes were ready to be inflated and the big rainbows & grayling were just hanging out in the lake waiting for us when we arrived at our cozy cabin near Cantwell, AK. It didn't take long to have a lesson in putting on the swim fins and getting in and out of the tube, and we launched in the rain for our first encounter with these very special fish. It was cold and wet with new snow blanketing the surrounding mountains. Eileen was the first to hook up about ten minutes after she'd backed into the lake, and...

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Bear Bonanza at Brooks

2014 Bear Bonanza at Brooks Brooks River

Although the fishing wasn't up to par this year, the number of bears really made up for it. In my 30+ years of visiting the Brooks River I can't remember a trip that had as many bears as we saw this time. The water was pretty low, and while that made for easier wading for us, it certainly did affect the trout fishing. Coupled with the fact that they had just been hammered since opening day in early June, they just didn't like the shallow water, the new channel that had formed in the river, and the almost constant changes...

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