Trip Reports 2014 — Alaska

Single Day Fishing at Hope

2014 Alaska Hope Single Day Fishing

The single fly fishing days that we spend on the Resurrection Creek in Home, Alaska always prove to be fun and full of excitement. Folks who have little or no experience with fly fishing are always eager to give it a try, and thrilled with all the fish they are able to catch as the day moves along. Pink salmon are our prey, and there are lots and lots and lots of them to keep us busy. I'm always careful to tell people when they book for the experience that they most likely will not catch fish that are still...

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Terrific Spring Tubing

2014 Alaska Float Tubing

Spring came very early to Alaska this year, which meant that the ice went off the lakes sooner than usual, and that made for absolutely excellent float tubing conditions! The weather was great, except for some intermittent smoke haze from a large fire burning on the Kenai Peninsula, and the fish were very cooperative. We started out on a lake that is usually good fishing in the spring, because it is also the best location to help beginning float tubers learn about the equipment, how to paddle, and how to approach the fish. It's a popular lake and one of...

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