Trip Reports 2012 — Salmon

Cordova Silver Salmon Spectacular

2012 bear Copper River Cordova salmon Sheridan Glacier Silver Salmon Silver Salmon Spectacular Silvers

This year’s trip to Cordova saw folks from NY and CT making their first trip to Alaska and having their first opportunity to fish for Pacific Salmon with us. Having fished some of the famous rivers in the East, they were more than ready to try out the water and the fish on the other side of the country. We got right to it on the first day of our trip by flying out into gorgeous Prince William Sound for a landing on a wilderness beach right beside a lovely little creek where we quickly strung up our rods and...

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Single Day Fly Fishing–-Hope and Montana Creek

2012 chum salmon Hope Montana Creek salmon Silver Salmon Single Day Fishing

Our three days of fishing for pink and silver salmon at Hope, AK and three days of fishing for pinks, and chum, and silver salmon at Montana Creek were all great fun. Several different folks each day tried their hand at learning how to cast a fly rod on moving water and how to hook a salmon in the process. Not all the casts were perfect, and certainly not all of them resulted in a fish to the bank, but it was definitely a hoot to help everyone give it a try. There’s a lot to learn when one is...

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There's Absolutely No Place like Nome!!!

2012 Arctic Grayling golden eagle Grayling Nome Nowhere Like Nome Pink Salmon Salmon

Once again, the Nome trip outdid itself and came through with dozens and dozens of gorgeous Arctic grayling in the 18-20-inch range, plus just as many or more pink salmon, and even some large pike to round out the options. It was great to have so many choices, but the grayling were still the stars of the expedition.   Our drive to the camp enabled us to see musk-ox close up beside the road as well as a pair of golden eagle chicks in the nest, and a cow moose who spooked as we drove by. The water was very...

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