Trip Reports 2012 — Cordova

Cordova Silver Salmon Spectacular

2012 bear Copper River Cordova salmon Sheridan Glacier Silver Salmon Silver Salmon Spectacular Silvers

This year’s trip to Cordova saw folks from NY and CT making their first trip to Alaska and having their first opportunity to fish for Pacific Salmon with us. Having fished some of the famous rivers in the East, they were more than ready to try out the water and the fish on the other side of the country. We got right to it on the first day of our trip by flying out into gorgeous Prince William Sound for a landing on a wilderness beach right beside a lovely little creek where we quickly strung up our rods and...

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Women's Flyfishing's Annual Fly Fishing School, Orca Lodge, Cordova

2012 cordova Fly Fishing School humpies Orca Adventure Lodge Sheep Creek

Like always, the first day of the school was dedicated to learning about fly fishing gear & equipment, the basics of fly casting, and then actually practicing casting, mending, and line control on the water. Little "humpy creek" was pretty devoid of humpies this year as the run of pink salmon was just beginning to arrive, so we headed back to the lodge for our leader construction and knot tying lessons. It didn't take long for everyone to master the nail knot, the blood knot, the triple surgeons, and the improved clinch knot as well as the principles of leader...

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