Trip Reports 2011 — Salmon

Montana Creek

2011 chum Montana Creek pink salmon Salmon

Montana Creek was full of fish when we arrived, and they just kept coming on the second day as well. Designed as a “getting practice catching fish” day, we had plenty of willing subjects to help new fly fishers get the hang of hooking, playing, landing and releasing fish. Both the pink and chum salmon were eager to help teach everyone how to catch them. Some of the hook-ups were in the fish’s dorsal fin or spots other than the mouth, but they still fought like crazy as we landed them for release. That helped the gals perfect their skills...

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Lake Clark Sojourn

2011 grayling Kvichak River Lake Iliamna national parks salmon Sockeye Tanalian River

Beautiful Lake Clark National Park was just waiting for us as we traversed the magnificent, glacier-studded Lake Clark Pass on our flight from Anchorage to the Farm Lodge in Port Alsworth, AK. The weather was cloudy and rainy, but the mountains and the lakes were visible through the fog and the small runway rose up to meet us for a smooth landing. We were out of the plane in no time, and had eaten the sack lunch that awaited us in our cabins and donned our waders in record time. One of the staff of the lodge took us by...

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Back to Brooks

2011 Brooks River Salmon Sockeye Sockeye Salmon

Our last trip to the Brooks River was in 2009, and it was wonderful to be back! Some things had changed around the camp, but not enough to alter the character of this fabulous place, thank goodness.   We arrived in cold, rainy, windy weather, so a good part of our first afternoon we spent walking up to the Brooks Falls to scout for bears while the wind roared. Luckily, it died down later and we headed out to the river. There were no sockeye salmon in the river as we had hoped, so we fished for the trophy rainbows...

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