Trip Reports 2011 — Arctic Grayling

Reel Wilderness Adventures, Wood-Tikchik State Park

2011 arctic Char Arctic Grayling Bear Dolly Varden Char Grayling pike rainbow rainbow trout Reel Wilderness Sockeye Sockeye Salmon Tikchik State Park trout

A wolf howl, an owl hoot, a loon call, and the squawk of the sand hill cranes all broke the silence of the night, and our Reel Wilderness trip this year became extraordinary wildlife experience. Even though it was hard to sleep with all that racket going on, the fact that we could just snuggle down in our comfy weatherports and listen to it all was an unparalleled delight. This definitely is a “real” wild trip. Accessible only by float plane, this wonderful camp with its yurt main lodge is a hidden gem in the vast distances of the largest...

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Chena River Single Day Fly Fishing

2010 2011 Arctic Grayling Chena River Moose Single Day Fishing

Absolutely everywhere I've gone this summer it has been or still was raining. All the rivers were high and pretty dirty, and the fishing was tough. The lovely little Chena River near Fairbanks, Alaska was no exception. I travel to Fairbanks every couple of years to introduce my clients to the Chena where the Arctic grayling are plentiful and cooperative. Some women come just for the day, and some come for several days. Such was the case this year. We started out nymphing at some of my favorite places with very few rewards and then kept moving more and more...

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There's No Place Like Nome

2011 Arctic Grayling Grayling Niukluk River Nome Northwest Adventures Camp Nowhere Like Nome Ophir Creek

Notable Nome was waiting for us with our shuttle to the Northwest Adventures Camp standing by. Tom and Hunter had the boats ready to go when we reached the settlement of Council and we headed straight to camp. It had been raining for 3-weeks straight, and the water was high and pretty dirty, but we had high hopes for clearer days. The Niukluk River usually goes down quickly after a storm so we kept our fingers crossed. After a quick lunch we headed out to see if the Arctic grayling would welcome us in spite of the poor conditions. We...

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