Trip Reports 2011 — 2011

All Rainbows/All Fun

2011 Bristol Bay Copper on the Fly Copper River Lake Iliamna Rainbow rainbow trout

We sure did end the 2011 season on a high note! Big bows were everywhere as we stepped into the Copper River for the first, official Women's Flyfishing® guided trip to Copper on the Fly on Lake Iliamna. We'd learned all about these wonderful fish on last year's exploratory trip and, because we had more time this year, we had more opportunities to explore the nooks and crannies of this wonderful little river. Because it was fall, we started off with various colored egg-imitation beads until we found just what was working. When we scored, it would often be fish...

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Cordova Silver Salmon Spectacular

2011 Bear Copper River Delta Cordova Mike DeYoung Silver Salmon Silver Salmon Spectacular Silvers

Cordova was bright and sunny this year when we arrived, and we headed out to one of our favorite bays for silvers. The tide was bringing in the fish and we were there to intercept them. It wasn't long before we started catching fish. Mike DeYoung, the famous Alaska photographer was there to chronicle some of it for his and my new book, and the silvers definitely posed for the camera after we promised to make them a star. Much fun was had by all but the silvers, which went to fish heaven soon after their picture was taken. An...

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Montana Creek

2011 chum Montana Creek pink salmon Salmon

Montana Creek was full of fish when we arrived, and they just kept coming on the second day as well. Designed as a “getting practice catching fish” day, we had plenty of willing subjects to help new fly fishers get the hang of hooking, playing, landing and releasing fish. Both the pink and chum salmon were eager to help teach everyone how to catch them. Some of the hook-ups were in the fish’s dorsal fin or spots other than the mouth, but they still fought like crazy as we landed them for release. That helped the gals perfect their skills...

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Reel Wilderness Adventures, Wood-Tikchik State Park

2011 arctic Char Arctic Grayling Bear Dolly Varden Char Grayling pike rainbow rainbow trout Reel Wilderness Sockeye Sockeye Salmon Tikchik State Park trout

A wolf howl, an owl hoot, a loon call, and the squawk of the sand hill cranes all broke the silence of the night, and our Reel Wilderness trip this year became extraordinary wildlife experience. Even though it was hard to sleep with all that racket going on, the fact that we could just snuggle down in our comfy weatherports and listen to it all was an unparalleled delight. This definitely is a “real” wild trip. Accessible only by float plane, this wonderful camp with its yurt main lodge is a hidden gem in the vast distances of the largest...

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Chena River Single Day Fly Fishing

2010 2011 Arctic Grayling Chena River Moose Single Day Fishing

Absolutely everywhere I've gone this summer it has been or still was raining. All the rivers were high and pretty dirty, and the fishing was tough. The lovely little Chena River near Fairbanks, Alaska was no exception. I travel to Fairbanks every couple of years to introduce my clients to the Chena where the Arctic grayling are plentiful and cooperative. Some women come just for the day, and some come for several days. Such was the case this year. We started out nymphing at some of my favorite places with very few rewards and then kept moving more and more...

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