Trip Reports 2010 — Reel Wilderness Adventures

Ahhh, Wilderness—Reel Wilderness Adventures

2010 Agulapak River arctic Char Czech Nymph Dillingham Grayling Moose Rainbows Reel Wilderness Adventures Wood-Tikchik State Park

Except for the rain the first two days, we couldn't have asked for a better trip than this year's sojourn to Reel Wilderness Adventures in Wood-Tikchik State Park, the larges state park in the U.S. We took an early morning flight to Dillingham, Alaska, and from there a float plane took us out to the camp. By afternoon we were all geared-up and headed out to the world famous Agulapak River for some serious rainbow trout fishing. Fishing with twelve-foot leaders, a strike indicator, and two tiny plastic beads meant to represent salmon eggs, is no walk in the park....

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