Trip Reports 2010 — Cordova

Cordova Silver Salmon

2010 Childs Glacier Copper River Cordova Eyak River Gayle Ranney Miles Glacier Pink Salmon Prince William Sound

The Eyak River near Cordova provided our first and last stops of the trip this year, and the silvers were definitely "in." They proved to be more cooperative early in the trip before we had had a couple of days of splendid, completely unusual, bright, sunny, hot weather. Some were bright as a dime fish just in from the ocean, and some were darker fish that had been in the water for a while. Typically, the bright fish proved to be the more aggressive and acrobatic, but we also caught some big, bucks that were decidedly reddish in color but...

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Orca Lodge Fly Fishing School

2010 Bear Cordova Eyak Lake Gayle Ranney Orca Adventure Lodge Pink Salmon Salmon Spenser Glacier Trip Reports

All of us piled on the Alaska Airlines jet for the short trip to Cordova on the first afternoon of the school. The anticipation was in the air, and everyone was almost too excited to eat the peanuts! The lodge van picked us up right on time and we settled in our rooms well in time for dinner. The school started with a short lesson that evening on fly rods and reels and what we would be fishing for the next four days. Everyone got their gear for the school and headed off to bed. The next day our usual...

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