Spring Float Tubing

2009 Float Tubing

The rainbow trout fishing on our early float tubing trips this year was fantastic. The conditions were good (although we had quite hot weather for so early in the season), and the fish were plentiful, so everyone had a good view of their prey. And, they definitely took advantage of it.

Tanya started off the series of fishing days with an introduction to float tubing that had her smiling with delight after just ten minutes in the tube. “This is incredible,” she said. “I’m paddling along on the surface of the water with ease.” It wasn’t very long until she was also extolling the virtues of tubing to get you to the fish. She pulled into a shallow cove and saw fish cruising around right in front of her. And, in short order she had her first fish on. “This is great,” she said over and over as the fish ran and she learned to paddle to keep it tight. She was hooked.

The next day Rene joined Tanya and me at another lake and the fishing really took off. The two of them had fish after fish on and took turns netting for each other. These were large fish 19- inches in length and over. Finally Rene hooked the huge cruiser that we’d seen from time to time throughout the morning. The little 4-wt rod she had recently built was really put to the test as she play and landed it. It was so large it wouldn’t fit in the landing net, so I had to tail it to get it into position to photograph and then carefully release. With brilliant red and golden colors, it was a real prize of a fish.

On day three Carmen and Betsey joined Tanya and now the three of them went after the fish with gusto. Carmen had tried tubing once before and now was back for another go with her friend, who had never been tubing. “I can see the fish,” they cried to each other as they practiced casting into shore and retrieving back towards the tube. Over and over they did it. Sometimes the fish would turn and look at their fly, and once in awhile they even had a hit. Betsey connected first, but lost the fish because she held it too tight. She didn’t make the same mistake the second time, and soon we all saw a bright, shiny rainbow leaping into the air. It was a silvery prize with just a bit of flush on the gill plate and lateral line. Carmen landed another fish that was equally lovely.

Day four found Lisa, Mike, and Jill on the lake withTanya and me. Lisa had taken the beginning fly fishing class and had tried fly fishing once. Mike had also tried fly fishing once, but neither had ever been tubing. Jill was a novice at the whole thing. Nevertheless, they were ready for anything. Just like everyone who gets into a float tube, they were amazed and delighted at how much fun it is. They paddled around like pros, and had no trouble at all casting from a sitting down position.

When we reached the “hot spot, they were ready. Mike proved to be an excellent fish-spotter, and kept all three of the gals apprised of where the fish were concentrated. Lisa hooked, played and landed her gorgeous fish like a pro. Then, persistence really paid off for Mike when he finally hooked a fish. But, like Betsey the day before, he too lost it from holding it too tight. The next time he got it right and experienced the thrill of playing a good rainbow on a 5-wt fly rod. He was absolutely beaming when he posed for a picture with his fish. He and Jill will definitely be back for more.

The loons accompanied us all four days and provided endless entertainment for everyone. They surfaced and inspected us from very close range as well as dove for fish right under the water in front of us. They always make spring float tubing something special. We take the tubes out every spring, and on other occasions during the summer. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing a really great fishing experience. Give us a call if you’d like to book a day on the lake in a tube. You’ll absolutely love it!!



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